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The G-Dub will make you Jump Jump

Posted by cher on June 1st, 2007

So my boyfriend called me this morning on his way to work (in Massachusetts, mind you) to see if I’d heard about the guy freaking out on the GW bridge. I was thinking “How does he hear about something that’s happening in my backyard before I do? – and he’s in New England!” (Ok, probably because I watch Saved By the Bell in the mornings instead of the news while I get ready for work…but still.) Anyways, it turns out that the GW was shut down in both directions for about an hour and a half because some guy climbed the bridge and started slashing his wrists and arms with a box cutter.

“Basically we’re trying to find out why he’s up there. What’s his problem that would cause him to climb 500 feet in the air, that’s our goal, to find some kind of solution,” Det. Tom Driscoll from Emergency Services
Unit Truck 2 said during a news conference afterward. “Once he dropped the box cutter we were able to approach him and secure him and put him in a harness and secure him to the bridge, and that’s basically how the job ended.” (Source

Ok, seriously, couldn’t this guy pick one method? He climbs 500 feet up a bridge to slash his wrists? I’m thinking it would have taken a lot less energy and time if he stayed on the ground to slash his wrists. Or, if he really wanted the exercise, climb the bridge and jump!

The news station I was watching said, “We could zoom in and get closer shots of the scene and the man, but we’re not going to, we’re going to respect his privacy.” Yeah, cause the people at home are really tuning in to see clips of the miles of traffic on the bridge that you’re showing. Right. And I’m sorry, but if you choose to climb one of the busiest bridges in the country, then you’ve pretty much given up your right to privacy. I know I wasn’t the only one groaning, “Just show the guy!” He’s the whole reason it was even a newsworthy story!

“Let’s be honest, we all wanted him to jump or the channel 7 news chopper to get too close and blow him off.” Yeah, I know – twisted but true. That’s America for ya.

But on a serious note, kudos to the rescue team who climbed all the way up there and actually helped the guy. Never a dull moment in NYC.

You know you’re new to NYC when…

Posted by cher on June 1st, 2007

This first entry is based on the differences between my first few weeks in the city and the acclamations that quickly took place.

You know you’re new to New York when…

1. You grimace and suppress a scream when you see a rat in the subway.

2. You actually pay attention to the walk signals and stop when the red hand starts blinking.

3. You think the red and green globes outside the subway station are leftover decorations from Christmas.

4. You do a double take when you see a delivery person on a scooter.

5. You think a 24 hour Duane Reade (even on the weekdays!) is the coolest thing ever ’cause you can buy beer at 3 a.m.

6. You grimace when you write a rent check for $900.

7. You go to Times Square, shop at Macy’s, and go to Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas tree.

8. You mistake a cockroach for a small cat, scream like a little girl when you realize what it is, and run away, allowing it to continue sharing your apartment with you.

9. You spend $8 a day on coffee and breakfast at Starbucks.

10. You think Express trains just go faster than the other ones.

You know you’ve lived in the city a few months when…

1. You play the “how many rats can I spot” game while waiting for your train.

2. You cross the street no matter what the walk sign says and know that people on bikes are far more dangerous than any car.

3. You know that entering red globed subway stations won’t get you anywhere.

4. You’ve seen a delivery person on bike, scooter, rollerblades, and horse. (Ok, I’ve yet to see the latter, but I’m sure he’s out there).

5. You realize that you work 40 hours a week and have little need to buy beer at 3 a.m. on a weekday.

6. You shout “Woohoo!” when you write your $900 rent check and wonder how you scored such a steal.

7. You avoid all tourist attractions like the plague.

8. You see a cockroach, stomp the shit out of it, then check all of your roach motels to find out why the hell they’re not working.

9. You realize that you can buy a decent cup of coffee and bagel from the guy on the corner of the street for $1.50.

10. After once winding up 25 blocks north of your apartment, you realize the local train is really more your style.