According to the website, “EDGE*nyNOHO is a unique venture developed to promote designs and concepts by fresh, cutting edge talent. A design mecca with the most innovative ideas to come out of New York, it is “THE” destination for individuals seeking creativity, individuality and exclusivity.”

It’s like a mini department store, with 65 designers all under one roof, where you can move easily from one to the next. Small cutout spaces in the walls provide designers with enough room for a stool and some racks or display units for the merchandise. The center of the store is filled with glass cases, showcasing the talents of the jewelry designers. One thing that I love about Edge – the designers just don’t hand over their products to the owner and peace out. They are there every day, personally selling their designs.

These up-and-coming designers have been featured in a plethora of magazines and reviews. One of my favorites there – Lois Eastlund – had one of her dresses featured on American Idol. Go to Edge if you’re tired of the same old namebrands – or if you were never into them to begin with. Since there’s so many designers in one space, prices range all over the board; some dresses are well into the hundreds of dollars, while one designer has gorgeous rings for $20. Every designer takes different methods of payment, so bring some options!

Check out their website for a full list of designers, store location, and hours.

Posted by cher on Friday, August 10th, 2007 at 3:13 pm.

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