Last night I trekked down to the East Village (which apparently is what inhabitants prefer to call it nowadays, compared to the old “Alphabet City”) to attend the Colcci U.S. Launch Party at Bathhouse Studios. Gisele Bundchen is the spokes-model for the line, which originates from Brazil. It was hard to get a real feel for the line because of the sparse items they had set up around Bathhouse, but here’s my take: it’s a street-chic, colorful, vintagy inspired look complete with detailed jeans and tee shirts, strappy sandals (I had my eye on a pair of robin-egg blue ones), and bags with serious hardware and depth.

The evening was full of cocktails, mini-burgers and Gisele-watching. Believe it or not, she’s even more beautiful in real life than in her pictures.  James Blunt had just arrived when we got there, so we had a nice closeup of his paparazzi poses outside of Bathhouse. He’s quite the scruffy guy. At the end of the night Nigel Barker (photographer and judge on America’s Next Top Model) came in with his wife. Until last night I thought he was gay, which was actually a little easier on my heart. I think he’s so hot, so to learn that he has a wife was quite crushing.

OVERHEARD: An event staffer whispering to another, apparently more lowly staffer that he had to go fetch Gisele a specific drink. I guess Ms. Bundchen didn’t find the Pravda O.N.E. drinks appealing?? Who knows how long that poor boy was running around the city trying to find her Brazilian drink of choice.

All in all, it was a fabulous night with some hot celebrity sightings. For more information on Colcci, check out the website. And, for your viewing pleasure, a few pictures:


FYI: I’ll be at Te Casan next Wednesday to celebrate the signing of celebrity stylist Mary Lafayette with the Victoria Agency, hosted by America’s Next Top Model Bre Scullark. Check back for a review and more pics!


Posted by cher on Thursday, September 20th, 2007 at 1:03 am.

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The drinks with O.N.E. Coconut Water and Pravda were AMAZING!

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