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Genesis: Turn it on Again Tour

Posted by cher on October 6th, 2007

My love for Phil Collins was beginning to wane as I checked my phone to see it read 8:45 pm. The concert was scheduled for 8 pm and I was getting antsy.


But, all was forgiven 15 minutes later as he ran to the front of the stage and greeted us in his adorable accent. The last time I saw him live, I was 10 years old…but he still has some serious energy and stamina. Throughout the night he mixed it up by running around the stage singing, then tearing it up on his silver drum set. At one point he had a sick 10 minute drum-off with Chester Thompson. Forgive my bad video quality, but this is the beginning of their drum solo; they started off drumming on their chairs! 

They opened with “Turn It On Again,” threw in some “No Son of Mine,” “Tonight Tonight Tonight,” “Follow You Follow Me,” and left us with an encore and personal favorite of “I Can’t Dance.” There were some older songs mixed into the set that I didn’t know, but it hardly mattered because they had me spellbound.

Everything about this concert was amazing: the lights, the graphics on the screen, Phil Collins’ interaction with the crowd. The only thing that would’ve made it better is if we were in Philly. (Give me a break, I’m still a recent transplant. )Everytime Phil yelled something about it being “New Jersey’s show” I got really confused…and then remembered I was in the Meadowlands. (See this post for my real feelings about the area.)

picture-456.jpg    picture-464.jpg


picture-463.jpg      picture-465.jpg

I’d go see this concert again if they were playing tomorrow. I can’t say enough how amazing it was. Who knows the next time Genesis will tour; I feel so lucky to have been able to see one of the greatest bands perform. Now I sit on the edge of my seat, waiting to hear when U2 is touring next!