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Global Warming = Coconuts for New York

Posted by cher on November 15th, 2007


Overheard in the bank today:

“I say bring on global warming; mild winters would be great! So what if those places near the equator get 10 degrees warmer – it’s already so hot there, what’s another couple degrees? That ain’t so bad. So what if the sea level rises 10 feet – more room to swim! That ain’t so bad. Plus, if it gets warmer here we can start growing all kinds of new shit. Hell, we could grow palm trees! I’d plant a coconut tree in my yard. When I hear the coconuts hit the roof, I’ll go out there and collect them. See, global warming ain’t so bad.”

This is why I love New York…ignorant AND resourceful all in the same breath!!

Omigod: Legally Blonde the Musical

Posted by cher on November 11th, 2007


omigod, you guys
Looks like Elle’s gonna win the prize
If there ever was a perfect couple, this one qualifies
omigod, you guys”

So opens the hit musical “Legally Blonde”. The tickets were my mom’s Mother’s Day present (how sad is it that the first weekend we could get together was in November??) and from the first opening seconds, I was obsessed. The sorority sisters were absolutely hysterical from their “omigods” to their constant snaps (I sat laughing as I thought about the amount of snapping I used to do in my own sorority in college).

Laura Bell Bundy, who plays Elle, was fantastic, although not completely believable as a naive ditz. She seemed almost too strong and confident right from the opening act. Orfeh, who plays Paulette (Elle’s hair stylist/friend), has an amazing, rich, husky voice which you didn’t forget about even as she was singing silly things about a lost Irish love, Enya, and some whales. The fact that she is married in real life to her onstage love, Andy Karl (the UPS man who’s the victim of Paulette’s vicious “bend and snap”), made everyone in the audience say, “Awww.”

The show would have not been complete without the sorority sidekicks: Delta Nu girls who constantly appeared throughout the musical, sometimes in Elle’s imagination, sometimes in real life. In “Positive,” they showed up to let Elle know she was totally better than her ex-boyfriend’s new love – even busting out in the form of a rap.

“Keep it positive
As you slap her to the floor
Keep it positive
As you pull her hair and call her whore”

“Look at her, she’s like a nun
Show him you are way more fun
Bust out the lap dance
and you won
You off the hizzle, gee!”

The only thing about the show that irked me was the miscast of Christian Borle as Elle’s confidant and eventual love, Emmet. In the movie, Luke Wilson managed to be slightlydorky,  but mostly cute and completely likeable. He was a realistic match for Elle. Borle, however, was way too geeky; he was believable as Elle’s friend, but definitely not her love interest. They did not make me say, “Aww.”

Overall, like I said, I was obsessed from the beginning. I made my mom buy me the soundtrack immediately afterwards, and for the rest of the day (ok, week) I walked around singing, “Omigod, omigod you guys.” As soon as the show was over, I wanted to see it again. Major props (and snaps!) for Legally Blonde on Broadway.

I leave you with my – ohmigod! – favorite: