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Carnival of Bloggers

Posted by cher on January 30th, 2008


A big thanks to Traveling Mamas for accepting two of my articles for the newest issue of the blog carnival, Carnival of Cities and to the blog Anything Goes and General News.

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Madame MO is a local designer in NYC; you can find her products at EDGE*nyNOHO. I stumbled upon her hats this winter and have practically lived in mine since I purchased it. I have never received more compliments on anything from my closet than this hat. Seriously – the first night I wore it I had almost a dozen people ask me where I bought it. It combines the modern knit with a ’50s flair in the form of flower surrounded by wisps of feathers. She makes them in a variety of colors; you can choose from basic black and gray (my choice) to a brilliant red or purple. Look for other details such as a rhinestone in the center of the flower and a sprinkle of sparkles around it. Be sure to check out her clothing designs too.


The NY Giants: A Runaway Locomotive?

Posted by cher on January 25th, 2008


Overheard in the bank today:

“Hey, who do I talk to about taking a quarter million dollar loan out to bet on the Giants winning?” I raised my eyebrows and looked around; I saw some of the banking staff smiling at him, making it obvious they knew him. He continued to chat (loudly) to one of the tellers as I waited in line.

“It’s like the Giants are this runaway locomotive heading for the Patriots. It’s gonna be like BOOM! They’re just gonna run into them. There’s no question that the Giants are gonna win. I mean, we have nothing to lose and nothing to prove.”

At this point I rolled my eyes. Nothing to lose? Umm how about the Superbowl?

He went on for awhile, often referring to the Giants as a locomotive (sometimes it was a runaway, sometimes just a regular one). This killed me: “Yeah the New York fans are so rough. They’re the ones cheering for a player that they just booed five minutes before.” Umm ever been to a game in Philly? Hell, we booed Santa and pelted him with snowballs at a game. During a Dallas game, Governor Ed Rendell bet another fan $20 he couldn’t reach the field with a snowball. (He did, and it hit Jimmy Johnson.) There’s a reason the Vet was the first stadium to have a courtroom and jail cell.

Although I thought everything he was saying was idiotic, I couldn’t help but think his voice sounded very familiar as did his tyrant…and that’s when it hit me. He’s the same guy I overheard in the bank the last time!  So weird.

Anyways, about this “Giants fever.” I was reading the Post yesterday and everyone is up in arms about Tom Brady being photographed walking around NYC, often outside his girlfriend Gisele’s apartment. Is the foot brace real or is he just trying to psych out the Giants? The nerve of him even walking around the city at a time like this! All of the comments cracked me up but this was the best: A New England fan and native was worried all “those crazies in New York might see him and pull a Tanya Harding.” Ha! Don’t give us any ideas! If I haven’t made myself clear, I hate the Patriots. Even as an Eagles fan, I’d rather see a fellow division rival win than the (cough cough cheating) Pats.

UPDATE: The New York Post reported that Tom Brady didn’t show up for the first 15 minutes of practice today (the time during which the press is allowed to watch). Belichick had no comment. I can only imagine the drama this will add to the already existant paranoia that exists in NY. (Is he really injured? Is he faking us out? WE CAN’T HANDLE THE MIND GAMES!) Lol.