Shecky’s Girls Night Out – the ultimate excuse to grab your girls and head out for an evening of shopping and drinking. When you combine free cocktails and the latest trends in fashion, how could it turn out badly? (Ok, technically if you partake in the free cocktails to an extreme it may not end well. I might let you know about my train ride home after the last event I attended later in the post.)


Shecky’s Girls Night Out takes place in cities across America and focus on up-and-coming fashion trends, beauty products and jewelry. Up to 100 vendors have small booths to display their merchandise (up to 75% off!). It can be frustrating at times because if there’s more than four people in front of a booth, you have little chance to browse. The good news is the alcohol sponsors have large bar spaces to mix and provide their cocktails, making it ridiculously easy to always have a glass in your hand. And if you can’t be bothered to get your own drink, male models walk around with trays to provide you with a tasty cocktail and some yummy eye candy.


Vendor prices vary all over the board – items can be purchased for $20 to hundreds of dollars. Come prepared with different forms of payment. Speaking of prices, tickets to the event are cheap! $10 gets you inside and includes all the alcohol you can drink plus free products and giveaways; $30 gets the above + a goodie bag. They claim the bag contains “loads of goodies” (when it’s called a goodie bag, you’d assume that), but every time I’ve attended I’ve been very disappointed with its contents. A bottle of Lubriderm lotion, some hair elastics, and a giant pair of underwear were the highlights of the last bag from NYC.


My last gripe is that food is not offered to soak up all the alcohol you down. The last event had a chocolate fountain with pretzel sticks, but the line was a mile long and they only gave you two pretzels! I’m assuming offering any other food would drive tickets prices up. Bottom line when it comes to eating: don’t do what I did and go right from work without eating anything…and then really enjoy the open bar. You will regret it.

SGNO will be in NYC at the Puck building from March 3rd through the 7th from 5 pm to 10 pm.  For other cities’ dates and times, check out the Girl’s Night Out website. You can also see a list of the attending vendors and browse their websites/products, as well as buy tickets directly from the site. If you’re into even better deals and finding other events to attend in your city, sign up at Being a member (for free) entitles you to browse events, read reviews, and purchase tickets directly from them (for special prices!). is offering the $30 SGNO tickets for $15!! Hurry and snap them up – these events always sell out.

Oh, and as far as the last event I attended, let’s just say I was in rare form on the subway home…and thought it would be a good idea to hold a contest for the giant pair of underwear from my goodie bag. Some woman out there has a big blue pair of underwear thanks to me.

Posted by cher on Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008 at 2:57 am.

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