When you’re on the subway as much as I am, you see (and hear) a lot of “musicians.” To be fair, some people can actually play well; there’s a blind man who travels on the subway with his violin and he’s amazing. Then there are the people who continually fumble through one song over and over. (I.e. the guy in the 7 line corridor who only plays “When the Saints go Marching In.”)


What drives me nuts, though, is when you’re walking through a corridor (like the one to the 7 train or the one in Times Square) and you pass four different people playing four different instruments AND four different songs in only a 20 foot span.  AH! It makes me cringe and wish my ipod volume could turn up higher.


So, I’ve come up with a fantastic solution. It’s called “Making the Subway Band: Season One.” We gather up a bunch of subway musicians and discover their real talent. And, in the true American form, we turn it into a reality show! Every week a subway musician gets kicked off, but in the end there’s enough people left for a band! The band gets signed, their lives change, blah blah. The only caveat is the people who get kicked off have to sign a waver that says they will never return to the subway to play songs such as “When the Saints Go Marching In.”


A little harsh you say? Then perhaps your ears have never been privy to this daily experience that is mine.

Posted by cher on Monday, February 18th, 2008 at 11:47 pm.

2 Responses to “Making the Subway Band: Season One”

ha, I think it’s a great idea and honestly, whats so bad about when the saints go marching in? it’s a classic!

Dude! Ive fallen in love with your idea. Im sending you the business plans in 2 weeks time!

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