DailyCandy was kind enough to inform me of a new invention called Nubrella – a bubble-like shell that protects you from the rain. It frees up your hands so you can chat on your cell and even eat a sandwich, all while staying dry as you stroll through a hurricane. You no longer have to worry about the wind flipping your umbrella inside-out or possibly being sued when your umbrella spoke pokes someone’s eye out.

According the website, this is the story behind the invention of Nubrella:

“Back in December of 2002, Alan Kaufman (inventor and founder) was standing in one of his wireless stores in lower Manhattan. On this day the weather was very windy, rainy and down right miserable. Mr. Kaufman began to observe people’s umbrellas inverting and the constant struggles to maintain their umbrella in the proper position. It was at that moment an image popped into the mind of this inventor. Immediately he ran over to a desk and drew that image and thus nubrella was born!”

For $59.99 it sounds like a fabulous product that will make your life easier and dryer, right? Oh wait, I forgot to show you what it looks like.


Ok, so for $59.99 your life will be easier, you’ll be dry, AND you’ll be the target of ridicule! Seriously, if you walk down the street ensconced in a bubble, everyone will make fun of you. If I have $60 to waste anytime soon, I’m going to buy one and blog about the stares/heckling/harassment that I incur. 

Posted by cher on Tuesday, February 26th, 2008 at 11:41 am.

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