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So, there’s a new website out there – – whose mission is to be “The nation’s leading restaurant information portal providing an interactive community for young foodies and the restaurants we frequent.” (SourceHappy hour and speed-dating events are so passe; it’s now all about meeting people based on your passion for culinary delights. The website caters to many major cities. You can rate and review restaurants, communicate with other “eaters,” write your own blog, and upload photos of you favorite foods. It’s like the foodie version of Facebook or Myspace.

The Post writes, “With so many New Yorkers doubling as culinary experts…it’s not surprising that the singles scene is similarly food-obsessed.” The paper also says that, “if you don’t know your sunchokes from your ramps, then go back to Jersey.” Umm, guess I’m hightailing it to NJ….?? Whatev Post, no need to be so snobby.

I’m kind of skeptical to refer to it as a “dating Web site” like the article does. does not refer to itself as a dating website, nor does it have the normal “success” stories associated with matchmaking. It seems to me to be what I said before – a Facebook/Myspace-like site with a common interest: food. I personally am not that impressed with the site. Considering the acclaimed review it got in the Post, you’d figure they’d at least have some upcoming events posted. Alas, under Featured Events: No events schedules. You can, however, read a blog by Mona entitled, “Detox Diary,” in which she details the side affects of her green morning drink, as well as her bladder problems. Ew.

Nintendo Graphics found in the East Village

Posted by cher on April 25th, 2008


It really reminds me of an old-school video game graphic. I love it. Unfortunately someone else does not; it was already removed from 9th Street.

(Courtesy of Annamarie via Nick Gray.)

CNN’s Kinky (and weird) Anchor Antics

Posted by cher on April 25th, 2008


CNN’s Richard Quest was arrested in Central Park around 3:30 a.m Thursday of last week. (How did I miss this story until now??) He was found with drugs in his pocket (a small bag of meth), a rope around his neck that was tied to his genitals (what??) and a sex toy in his boot. The arresting officer was able to ID the drug based on his previous experience in drug arrests, and the fact that Quest said, ” I  have meth in my pocket.” Ha. I’m kind of grateful the officer didn’t know what the rope was for…I’d have to question his “previous experience” if he did. Quest’s attorney issued this statement: “Mr. Quest didn’t realize that the park had a curfew.” I’m not so sure the curfew issue is what we’re all really interested in…

CNN’s website said that Quest’s “dynamic and distinctive style has made him a unique figure in the field of business and news broadcasting.”

Apparently his “dynamic and distinctive style” carries into his personal life in the form of drugs and sex toys. 

Thanks to the Post, as usual, for these scintillating details and ingenious picture headline.