So, I saw these ads on the train yesterday morning and suppressed my urge to laugh out loud at some of them. I think they’re geared more toward locals, but anyone who’s ridden the subway a few times can appreciate them.

“Maybe the ads give tourists something to look at. So the guy in the map seat can get a break.”

*Note: I never sit in the map seat anymore because people are always hovering over you to stare at the map. I have issues with people in my personal space. (I know, personal space issues in NYC? Ha.)

“Maybe because it’s more polite to read this ad than your neighbor’s newspaper.”

“Maybe people drink Jameson because they like to share it with people. Not like that guy sitting between two seats.”

*I hate that guy! And the guy who spreads his legs so far apart I’m allowed only half a seat. An airplane ticket only gets you one seat…a swipe should allow you only one as well.

“Maybe it’s because there are nine wrong ways to swipe your card. But no wrong way  to enjoy a Jameson.”

*Haha it is kind of entertaining to see people unable to swipe their card correctly…unless you happen to be in line behind them.

Posted by cher on Wednesday, April 9th, 2008 at 12:30 am.

2 Responses to “NYC Jameson Ads”

Hey, so what if i’m one of those people that can’t swipe their metrocard. I know i’m not the only one.

“I never sit in the map seat”…what a good point. I don’t have an underground where I live but I’ve seen this in the places I’ve traveled to – hovering over the map seat. Thanks, that gave me a laugh. :)

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