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Cell Phone Camera Creepers

Posted by cher on September 25th, 2008

I’m pretty sure a guy took a picture of my ass in Duane Reade yesterday. I was in line at the pharmacy and I heard that distinct shutter-click noise that cell phone cameras make. I looked over my shoulder right away and saw his phone pointed at my lower half.

You’re probably all, “Oh my god, she’s so conceited, why does she think some guy would want to take a picture of her ass?”

I swear I’m not narcissistic – and I don’t know why anyone would take a picture of it. It’s not that great. It’s not giant and it’s not perfect. It’s your run-of-the-mill ass.

I’ve been paranoid about cell phone cameras since Dateline did a special on perverts using them to take pictures up women’s skirts. (Thank you, Dateline, for making me paranoid about practically everything.) Also, Gossip Girl has added to the paranoia. I mean seriously, can those people do anything without having their picture taken and posted online?

It’s a world full of creepers, I tell ya.

Eau de Subway

Posted by cher on September 23rd, 2008


 I jump on the uptown 6 the other night on my way home from work. I only take it up one stop to Grand Central…if I’m feeling adventurous, I’ll walk the 10 blocks. Tonight, my feet hurt. I knew it was gonna be rough when I get underground and see 85,000 waiting for a train. Sure enough, I wait 3 trains before I can squish into one. Things are going splendidly; I’m getting to know everyone around me very well as their bodies are crushing up against me. The man behind me has his back glued to mine – I can actually feel his butt and legs molded to mine. Gross. Then, I smell it. It wafts around me and I wrinkle my nose as I look around as if to say, “Hey, it wasn’t me.” People do seem to be looking at me, though, and then I realize that the man molded to me just farted on me! His butt was literally touching me – and he farted on me!


Posted by cher on September 12th, 2008


My beautiful colleague and dear friend Zulema George is opening her own store, Anavaa Kisasa, this Saturday, September 13th. This is a special day because not only is it her grand opening, but it is her birthday as well. This grand opening will be a fabulous way to celebrate her life and special talent as a designer. Zulema’s creations are a personal reflection of her unique style and eye for colors, lines, and versatility that every woman desires.

Her store will include her own handbags, and thanks to other designers’ additions, after you choose the perfect handbag for yourself, you can pick an amazing dress and piece of jewelry to accompany it. (And guys, this store is for you too – she offers men’s clothing as well!)