I saw an ad in this week’s issue of Time Out New York for a new concept to help people make “connections.” It’s a pretty basic concept called FlipMe! dating: When you’re out at a bar, restaurant, laundromat, wherever, and you see someone you’re attracted to, you give them a FlipMe card. Every card reads “I’ve said ‘what if …’ too many times. Not this time,” and has a unique ID that the receiver can use to log in to flipmedating.com and then contact you personally, if so inclined. (I.e. if he or she thinks you’re hot.)

The FlipMe! website gives tips on “how to flip.” Such suggestions include: The Flip-and-Run, which occurs when the flipper approaches a person of interest, hands over a card without any conversation, and walks away. There’s also the Wingman Flip, where you give the card to a friend to hand over to the hottie who’s caught your eye.

It seems a little pricey: $24.99 for 30 cards and 3-months of access to the site. The website doesn’t indicate what the costs are after the first 3 months. And obviously there’s no guarantee that anyone you give a card to will actually contact you. It’s a clever idea, but I have doubts about the effectiveness.

Forget, for a second, about getting up the nerve to give someone a card. What if you received one? I think I’d be intrigued but I would wonder: Why didn’t he just talk to me in the moment? I get that the point is you can let someone know you’re attracted to them without making any major effort, but it’s kind of a catch 22 – you have to get up the balls to give someone a card but then it looks like you have no balls because you didn’t strike up a conversation on your own – you had to use an internet site as a go-between.

So, thoughts? Would you have the guts to give these out to strangers? And if you received one, would you play the ball that’s been put in your court and contact the person? If you do decide to experiment with FlipMe! cards, don’t take all 30 of them with you if you’re planning on drinking. Liquid courage can be a good thing…but beer goggles can be a very, very bad thing.

Posted by cher on Thursday, August 5th, 2010 at 2:03 am.

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