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RiRi Octo Bachelor

Posted by cher on March 9th, 2009


1. Rihanna v. Chris Brown


2. Octo-Mom!


3. The Bachelor Love Triangle


I understand that Rihanna’s situation is a serious matter, but the girl is going to make her own decisions regardless of what the media says or what the public thinks. Octo-Mom  seriously needs to get out of my face. I can’t watch any of my entertainment shows without seeing her tax-payers’-dollars-reaping-money-hungry-Angelina-wannabe face on my tv. I can’t imagine how much more ballistic I’d be if I lived in California. And Jason. Jason, Jason, Jason. If I hear you apologize one more time for “putting Melissa through that on national television,” I think I will start sending you dead roses in hopes that you will be scared, cry a little more and then SHUT UP.

Electric shock train doors and U2 Way

Posted by cher on March 5th, 2009

I’m on twitter now – charmer128. I dig that you only have 140 spaces to type…I always think of things I want to blog but don’t want to make a full post out of it.

Like, today on the train, I almost didn’t make it off because I was standing in the middle of the car and people were crowding on before I could get out the door. I think there should be an electronic “fence” between the doors where people get shocked if people are still trying to get off. Don’t ask me how it would work – I just think people would finally get the point why the conductor yells, “LET THEM OFF FIRST, LET THEM OFF FIRST.”

U2 just dropped their new album. Bloomberg gave them a street – a block of West 53rd called “U2 Way.” Probably the best thing he’s done in the last year. Not enough to be worth another year, though. I <3 Bono.

I read that Gov Patterson has the lowest Gov rating in NY history. That means it’s lower than when Spitzer was discovered hooking up with some “high end” prostitute. That must suck – you’re blind AND you’re the worst Gov in NY history.

Seen and Heard at Fashion Week ’08

Posted by cher on October 7th, 2008

The Real Housewives of New York City’s Ramona Singer on meeting Governor Paterson: “He’s not as blind as he says. He didn’t have a cane or a dog when I met him and I was shocked. The way he acted, you would never know he had a sight problem.”


Governor David “No-So-Blind” Paterson.

Project Runway’s Santino Rice on mass fashion: “I hate trends. There are times I see a look that I like but it’s usually something I already thought of that I am pissed I didn’t do. I wish I had invented Crocs because every tacky f–king American has a pair.”




Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez at Marc Jacobs. Sometimes Posh scares the crap out of me. Especially when I saw that she was in People Magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful People issue for her new, ultra-short, ultra-creepy ‘do.


Nicole Richie and Kanye West at Marc Jacobs. He’s like a cross between Urkel and his alter-ego Stefan.


Jessica Simpson and Anne Hathaway. Random ass combination. Is Anne fasting until Raffaello Follieri gets out of jail?


Blake Lively. You know you love her. Xoxo