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Dancing on the Subway

Posted by cher on July 29th, 2010

I’m on the 7 train riding home from work. I just want to sit for 20 minutes and read my book – it’s something I look forward to at the end of the day. It’s not like I’m necessarily used to peace and quiet on the train but tonight an entire dance troupe jumped on my car. One guy made an announcement that he and others were about to dance. A group of about 12 Canadians who had clamored to get seats on the train were really excited at the prospect. I looked up, annoyed, because I was tired and just wanted to read my book.

They started dancing – as the train started moving. As they took turns “popping,” I couldn’t help but notice: the only people who were paying the least bit of attention were the Canadians, who were thrilled at the concept of seeing this performance on the metro. Everyone else was engrossed in his or her book, ipod, phone, etc. and barely looked up.

I put down my book and took a look at this group of Canadians watching the dancers in awe. They were clapping and laughing and completely enthralled with the entertainment in front of them. And suddenly, I felt completely jaded. Here was a great group of dancers (seriously, they were good) and the only people who were appreciating them were from another country.

But something clicked when I saw the expressions of awe and excitement on the Canadians’ faces. I put myself in their shoes: an outsider, reveling in the sites of the city and stumbling upon artists performing on the metro.

And I realized – how cool is this? This group was legit dancing while the train was moving and they did an amazing job. Of course they asked for donations at the end, but they were the most polite group – wishing everyone a blessed day and thanking people for their support – how could you not smile and appreciate their effort?

Lesson learned: New Yorkers – put down your books and take out your earpieces and appreciate what’s around you. They may not all be dancers and they all may want your money, but at least open your eyes and see what’s going on around you. Your  book, and mine, will still be there to read when you get home.

“Real New Yorkers” eat Snickers

Posted by cher on March 9th, 2009

People who are reading my “NY Stereotypes” post seriously need to chill out. Talk about overreacting. Clearly I’m not a “real New Yorker,” because I wouldn’t be so dramatic over a post meant in FUN. Actually, some readers’ comments proved one of my points…thanks!

Moving on. “Take a ride on the Ate Train” ??? Seriously Snickers…lame. Thanks for taking up entire subway cars with your hysterical (insert sarcasm here) ads.




Electric shock train doors and U2 Way

Posted by cher on March 5th, 2009

I’m on twitter now – charmer128. I dig that you only have 140 spaces to type…I always think of things I want to blog but don’t want to make a full post out of it.

Like, today on the train, I almost didn’t make it off because I was standing in the middle of the car and people were crowding on before I could get out the door. I think there should be an electronic “fence” between the doors where people get shocked if people are still trying to get off. Don’t ask me how it would work – I just think people would finally get the point why the conductor yells, “LET THEM OFF FIRST, LET THEM OFF FIRST.”

U2 just dropped their new album. Bloomberg gave them a street – a block of West 53rd called “U2 Way.” Probably the best thing he’s done in the last year. Not enough to be worth another year, though. I <3 Bono.

I read that Gov Patterson has the lowest Gov rating in NY history. That means it’s lower than when Spitzer was discovered hooking up with some “high end” prostitute. That must suck – you’re blind AND you’re the worst Gov in NY history.