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Joseph Petcka (pictured below) was on trial in Manhattan last month for two weeks. The charges? Animal-cruelty. He killed Norman (above), his girlfriend’s kitty, in a drunken rage. His story? He kicked the cat in self-defense because Norman viciously lunged at him and attacked him with his kitty fangs. Right.


I am a cat lover – an animal lover, really. While I know that some cats aren’t as sweet and loving as mine, I highly doubt that Petcka, a 205-pound former minor league baseball player, was completely over whelmed by a 7 pound cat with tiny sharp teeth and a few claws. Yes, Norman may have been a little aggressive (although, he may have sensed his owner was in danger) but I don’t think he deserved a steel-toed boot to the head.  I don’t know what sentence Petcka deserves and that isn’t the point of this post. This is:

Today I read Andrea Peyser’s article in the Post. Peyser has a regular column that mostly discusses social and political issues concerning New Yorkers. Her discussions also include her sometimes-funny, yet often abrasive opinions. She recently wrote a series of columns claiming that Norman’s death hardly deserved a two-week trial in an already clogged Manhattan court system. She bitched about the fact that O.J. Simpson and Scott Peterson’s trials were over in a hot second, yet Petcka’s fate took jurors days to determine.

Peyser: face the facts. I don’t care if you are an animal-lover or hater, the fact is that there are laws to protect animals as well as humans. If a jury wants to take two weeks to decide the fate of Norman’s killer, then so be it! It’s called the judicial system. I work in a law firm and I see so much time being wasted in court on what I consider frivolous issues. But I also understand that it’s their right to have access to the Courts. And no matter how much you bitch about it, Norman is getting his day in court.


 Peyser’s article today was in response to the hundreds of emails she was blasted with, along with an online petition signed by 854 people demanding she “hit the road.” Some of the emails she received were ridiculous, like, “You eat animals. I can tell because you’re fat.” I don’t think the author thought that one through.

But seriously Peyser, you’re an idiot. What did you think was going to happen after writing numerous articles about the idiocy of determining the appropriate justice for Norman the cat? Your audience consists of Manhattanites – the Mecca of animal lovers. It’s where dog owners buy carriages, dresses, and Halloween costumes for their precious pooches. It’s where cats are walked around on leashes. It’s a city that encourages pets in restaurants and creates classes called “Doggy and Me Yoga.” Peyser, you should have seen your massacre coming. Titling today’s article, “Honest, I Love Cats (well Sauteed)” is not going to help your drowning popularity. Although, I’m quickly figuring out that you don’t seem to think about your audience. And isn’t that something a good writer should consider? I think it’s time to leave Norman alone.

Bay Ridge Man is a “Super Dick”

Posted by cher on February 27th, 2008

Richard Martin won’t be winning a super of the year award anytime soon. Martin, a Bay Ridge super known as the “Crazy Sign Guy,” leaves sweet little notes for his mostly Middle Eastern tenants like:

“To all tenants: If you don’t know how to read, there are 3 airports, pick 1 and keep going and don’t come back.”

And when someone tore down his Christmas decorations he turned into a real Scrooge:

Dear Scumbag, If I catch you, I will kill you where you are. You don’t want to f*** with the Irish.”

And thanks to Right in Bay Ridge, here’s a picture of one of his “suggestions.”


He says he writes the notes because the building often receives summonses for trash collection. Of his tenants:

“They’re Arabs, they don’t give a f***. They don’t listen. They write back, ‘F*** you, get a life,’ but they spell my name s-u-p-p-e-r, not super. They’re so dumb.”

Source: NY POST


The NY Daily News also featured an article about the charming man today. This time Martin was the one busted for being a slob: after letting his dog poo on the sidewalk, Martin promptly picked it up in a napkin and threw it into the street. His pissed off neighbors say he does it all the time.


Nasty notes aren’t Martin’s only forte. Once, he moved all the trash cans up to the roof so tenants had to climb five flights of stairs to throw out their garbage. He also refused to install new light-bulbs in the hall after they were stolen.

This isn’t the first time Martin has made the news. He’s popular among local bloggers such as and Right in Bay Ridge. Check out an exclusive interview with Martin at The Bay Ridge Rover.

Finally, here’s a picture of Martin with his sweet Pekingese dog, Pretty Girl. This has got to be the biggest picture of irony I’ve ever seen.



Confession: I like animals more than children

Posted by cher on February 22nd, 2008

I don’t know if I’ve written about my aversion towards children before. Well, now you know. I walked onto the train yesterday morning and out of ALL the cars on the train I pick the one containing a sea of 10 year-olds. I’m not exaggerating, there were at least 20 of them. Must have been a field trip. For some reason they felt the need to scream about everything we passed. As in, “LOOK! A GAS STATION! OHMIGOD! DUNKIN DONUTS!” I’m standing there like, where the hell did you kids come from, a third-world country? You’re on a train in Queens for goodness sake. 

Anyways, I’m standing there grimacing and trying not to roll my eyes every five seconds as one of the gremlins continuously kicks me from his seat. Then I feel a little hand on my ass as one of them tries to steady himself. Hello! That’s what the poles are for. That’s about the time the jaw-clenching and teeth-grinding began. Thank God they got off at Queensboro Plaza because there is no way in hell I (or my teeth) could have lasted until Grand Central with them.

Due to my aversion for these small people, I’ve always been convinced that I am going to be the crappiest mom ever. Fortunately, I discovered this site (via for some much needed tips and advice. Here’s a little sneak preview:




HAHAHA you have to see the rest. I’m sitting at work cracking up and thinking if I know any other not-necessarily-children-haters-but-definitely-don’t-like-them types to send it to.